Good news. Frustrating news. Rebellious Jenn.

This is Jenn:


This is Jenn on drugs:


The good news:  Her heart looks good.

The frustrating news:  She has been told she is exhausted and overly stressed.

The good news:  They found no clots.

The frustrating news:  They are still looking for the reason behind her dizziness, shortness of breath and pain.

The good news:  She is catching up on movies/DVDs.

The frustrating news:  She is about to come out of her skin wanting to be “doing something.”

The good news:  She is very cheered by your good wishes and heartfelt thoughts of healing and support.

The frustrating news:  She desperately wants to jump back in and get to work full force. 

The good news:  She goes back in again tomorrow for more tests.

The frustrating news:  She goes back in again tomorrow for more tests.

She wants me to tell you (against my wishes) that she has about had it with this grounding.  (I am leaving out the profanity she used to protect my image.) The doctor says less stress, more rest.  But stubborn muleheaded darling Jenn is using the excuse that the cardiologist found nothing but fatigue so she is free.  I am using the reasoning of we still don’t know what the hell is going on. 

I win.



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