Tender heart

Tender heart

[Clint–Jenn’s husband–here posting for Jenn]

If you know Jenn, you know she has a tender heart.  Apparently, too tender.  She was sent to the ER yesterday morning for chest pains and shortness of breath.  They have run test after test after test–EKGs, 87 pints of blood (according to her), chest x-rays…the works.  As of yet, they have not found anything that is sending up red flags.  They had her on oxygen which she claims is the first time she has been able to breathe well in over a week.  She is scared that they are not sure what is wrong but relieved it doesn’t appear to be a heart attack.  She is home today in bed and sleeping.  We are looking for a follow-up with a cardiologist as soon as we can. (She has a strong family history of heart disease.) She is feeling scared and embarrassed since she has no idea what is happening but is still in pain and having a hard time breathing.  (She could use any good thoughts you might have.)

Jenn–being Jenn– is completely worried about emails she has to return, blogs she has to post on, people she owes phone calls to etc.  I challenge any of you to keep this woman calm and not focused on “letting people down” (her words) because I am not good at it.  I am here to let you know she has been grounded from the computer.  The last thing she needs to do is worry at this point, so I am keeping her offline. If you need anything, feel free to comment and I will let her know.  Unless you are being mean and then I will ignore you or hunt you down.

She will update you as soon as she can. As soon as she is ungrounded.

Thanks for any good thoughts.  I will pass them along to her.



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