An Open Letter to Dallas area drivers

An Open Letter to Dallas area drivers

Dear drivers,

Please get out of my way.  You see, I am on the road today, too and you do not actually own it. 

That accident on the southbound side? It has nothing what-so-ever to do with you. Do not slow down to look.  You will not see a severed head.  I promise.

The pedal on the right is the gas.  Remember that.  I mean, it is not necessary for you to continually hit the brake to ensure it is there.  It is.  Let it go.

The speed limit is 70mph.  That does not mean go 60mph if you see a police officer.  It means 70mph is LEGAL.  You have permission to go that fast.  I am just saying.

Finally, please, please, do not flash your lights at me because I am only going 78mph.  You can wait.  I can darn well promise you that I am not going to get behind a truck going 55mph because you want to go 85mph.  Deal and pass when you can.

Thank you.

Happy driving.  Now MOVE IT!

With love,




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