Do Not Deny The Skunk!

Do Not Deny The Skunk!

Every now and then the calendar, the stars and the planets align just right and my birthday falls on Election day.  (It comes in handy when reminding people like my husband that he needs to remember the day.  “Honey, why is there a huge star and neon circles on the 7th?” he will ask.  To which I will passive aggressively respond with something like: “Oh, hmmm…guess it was just really important that you remember to vote or something EQUALLY important to life as you know it.”)

One year when I was rather young, it indeed fell on my birthday.  At the time we had a calendar that put pictures on any holidays or dates that are of note.  That year, they chose to put a cute little picture of a skunk. On the 7th.  On my birthday.  Ignorant (or egocentric enough) to not understand that anything else of significance could happen on her birthday, that girl would probably question her mother about it.


“Mommy, why is there a skunk on my birthday?”

“For you.  For your birthday.  They thought it would best represent your birthday.”

“A skunk?  I want a unicorn.  Or puppy.  Or butterfly.  Not a skunk.” I pouted.

“Yeah, I understand sweetie, but they ran out of those cute animals with the birthdays earlier in the year.  They had a skunk left.  Look, I think it is kind of cute.”

I looked closer.  It was kind of cute.  “I guess it is okay, but it is really mean. People will think I stink.  Next year, they need to change it.  January should have the skunk!” I pouted for sure until my birthday arrived with out any skunks showing up for the party and I got great loot.  All was forgiven for the skunk.

Somehow during the conversation with my Mom, she managed to bite back the laughter and agreed to write the calendar people a letter to ensure the calendar did not have a skunk the following year on my birthday.  Years later, my birthday again fell on election day.  No skunk that time.  In fact, I have no idea what the picture was.  (Yes, we used the same type of calendar for as long as I can remember.  They rock!) However, in the mail I received the perfect gift from my Mom.  An adorable, small skunk figurine.  The perfect gift.  It sits on my mantle and makes me smile every-time I look at it.  It also reminds me that my children will live through the mind games we tend to play.  (Oh come on!  You do it, too!) Not only will they live through them, they will look back and smile on them.  (And then get their own kids back in return.  Gotta love the circle of life!)


But since this year is an election year, I want to remind you to GO VOTE.  Get informed.  Know what you are voting for or against.  Know the issues and vote your heart and mind.  Don’t vote because of political propaganda but because you understand what each candidate stands for.  / end soapbox political rant so rare to see here

Having said that, I want to point you to these amazing PSA’s encouraging women to vote.  What is sexier than hearing famous, beautiful women talking about their first time?  They will share it with you because they want you to vote.  Share with me your first time.  Tell me yours and I will tell you mine!


Video courtesy of Women’s Voices, Women Vote. Women…..VOTE!


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