Do you love your slippers like I love mine?

Do you love your slippers like I love mine?

First, yippee that my readers have Lists of 5!  Even better that some of you would put Mike Rowe on it.  I knew that I liked you readers for some reason besides how cute you are!

Now, because my life has been so awesomely boring, you get the following quoted conversation.  You may thank Chris for the inspiration of using my actual real life as inspiration for an entry when the well is dry.


Clint:  What are those on your feet?

Me:  Slippers.

Clint: What is that sound?

Me:  My slippers.

Clint:  (He pauses while he tries to put this information together.) Your slippers are making that noise? Ummmm….wha…why?  Why?

Me: They are vibrating slippers.

Clint:  The hell?  (Thankyouverymuch, Jenny.  It has passed on.)

Me:  Vi-Brating Slippers.  They’re giving me goooood vibrations.

Clint:  Oh, hell no.  Hell.  No. 

Me:  And sometimes I sit Indian Style because then they double my fun!

At that point he walked away.  Not sure why, but he did.  I guess he thought I wanted to be alone with my slippers.




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