Drug the turkey…ethical or not?

Drug the turkey…ethical or not?

I am supposed to play a very instrumental part in cooking Thanksgiving Dinner.  Like cooking it.  The woman who caught frozen vegetables on FIRE.  Yes, with flames and all.  Thanks for asking.

Are you laughing?  I think you are laughing. 

Does anyone know if Domino’s or Pizza Hut delivers on Thanksgiving?  I mean, just in case.  Not that I could do anything to screw up a huge dinner that only happens once a year.

Hmmmm, is it ethically wrong to inject the turkey with Xanax to make everyone sleepier than normal and then maybe they just won’t care if it sucks.  I for one would be quite thankful!

Just asking.

Until I can post sometime tomorrow, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving, my US friends.  Happy Thursday to my non-US friends.  And just happy whatever the heck you want to be happy about to all of you!


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