Midlife, Martini’s and Me

Midlife, Martini’s and Me

When you reach a milestone such as your 37th birthday, you tend to look back and reflect on your life.  Realizing you are knocking on Mid-Life’s door, one might take inventory of her life.  Pondering the events that led her to where she is now.  Birthdays can bring out the nostalgia in many women.  In fact, a mature woman would take this time to ponder life’s amazing blessings.

Yeah right!  Good thing I am not one of those women!

imageI chose to celebrate by going out with my husband where I ate greasy, fried food and drank eleventy martini’s.  Well, maybe not that many.  But I tried several.  Apple Martini.  Toasted Almond Martini.  Chocolate Martini.  And then blah blah blah martini and yada yada yada martini etc but only the bartender, the waitress and Clint know what followed because I was just the one drinking them, not ordering them.

A mature woman would call her family to just connect and feel that sense of togetherness family brings.  Perhaps a mature woman in her late 30’s would call her business partner and friend and just let her know how much she means to her.

I am SO NOT that woman.  I called my sister–after my fun dinner out– and left her a message that went something like:

“Okay FINE don’t call your sister on her birthday.  I mean your BABY sister who looks up to you and sat by the phone all day long waiting…waiting…waiting!  No, I am SO kidding.  I love you man.  I do.  You’re my hero.  I am sooooo messing with you!” Then dissolve into a fit of giggles and hang up.

But wait, while I have the phone, it is absolutely vitally important that I call my friend and partner and discuss the deepest meanings of life…

“Hi!  I know it is late and all but I totally felt like dishing with you.  Tell me the gossip. I mean it.  I need some serious dirt on someone.  Make it up. Do NOT talk business because that is such a buzz kill…..I love you man.  No really, I do…Do I tell you enough that I appreciate all you do?  You ROCK…”

The call lasted so much longer than those few sentences, but really, neither you nor I need to hear what was said.  Especially when you call said friend and partner the next morning and her first words are, “How’s that headache coming along?” (For the record, I have no headache.  At all.  Jumped out of bed at 6:00am good to go.  So there!)

Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes.  Thanks for the fun times.  Thanks for knowing that I am SO not the woman who is going to do a retrospective of her life but rather tell you about martini’s and “not as clear headed as I normally am” phone calls.  It’s for that reason that love you, man!  No, I really do!

[Update:  For the record, here is a link to a huge list of various martini’s…made with vodka.  They may not be by definition “true” martini’s but vodka martini’s.  Call them what you want, just buy me one next time we meet! Ha!]

[Yet Another UPDATE:  If you know me, you know my fun love of exaggeration.  That would be this entry.  Relax.  I have not slipped back into making drunk calls, acting like a sorority girl and completely losing my mind.  I didn’t think I needed to qualify that, but here I am doing that.  Just an FYI]


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