NaBloPoMo: Holy Crap! Day 30!

NaBloPoMo: Holy Crap! Day 30!

30 days has Septemeber.  April, June and NaBloPoMo!

The last time I posted on my blog 30 days in a row was… there was that time that I… I am sure that…Holy Crap!  I finished NaBloPoMo!  Feel free to throw flowers, cash or chocolate.  Honestly, many thanks go out to Mrs. Kennedy for inspiring a gagillion bloggers to take on the challenge and post on their blogs for 30 days.  If it takes 21 days to make something a habit, does it take 30 days make it an addiction? 

Things to ponder.

Remember when I said that Fall was taking the year off and winter was coming. It came.  It saw.  It sleeted.  However, I did as I was told by the media (and as every good Texas woman knows to do) and raced to the store because THE ICE was coming.  The ICE was coming!  I had all of the groceries I needed, so I bought water.  In Texas, whenever a hurricane or icey weather is coming, everyone has to race to the store and buy water.  No one knows exactly why, but we do it.  I think it might be the law.  So, I did it.

And with that simple act of faith in the buying of the water, the ice did come.


Texas!  TEXAS!  (But I have water.) That tree was covered with leaves a week ago.  TEXAS!

Lucklily, I do not have to file a lawsuit against Fall.  The snow, sleet and ice did not show up until after the kids were in school.  Therefore, they got to stay in school and I got to sit with a fire burning in the fireplace all alone.  They were devastated.  It was all I could do to hide my mirth when they saw that they missed an entire day of ice and snow because it came so late and had to go to school of all places.  I expressed how sad I was that I had to spend the entire day alone working and writing and catching up with good friends.  Yep, so sad.

See, I can’t even do that with a straight face online let alone to them.  It was nice to watch the snow fall and curl up with a blanket and book only to get up to stretch and exchange the book for my laptop and other times exchange that for food.  Oh, yes, my friends, I was so sad they had to go to school.

I hope I am just as sad tomorrow.



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