Nap Math

Nap Math

Today was one of those days.  And I know I told you I would tell you about PTA and why I curl myself into the fetal position sucking my thumb when mentioning them.  And I know that I have been grumpy the past couple of entries.  And I know that you rock so much you will forgive me.  Right?  (The graphic below is referring to me, though.  Not you.  Just so you know.)

imageClint: “Honey?  The alarm went off. It’s after six, babe.”

Me: “YEAH?!  And there are children starving in 3rd world countries.  Shut Up.  My alarm didn’t even go off yet!  Grrrrrr”

[Cue Alarm]

Naturally, I slammed that horrid sound to make it shut up!

Nine minutes later (who decided 9 minutes was a good amount of time for a snooze button? Why not 10?  Why not 11?  9?!) my alarm went off again.  I literally threw it against the wall.  It just made the volume louder.  What choice did I have but to rip the power cord out of the wall.

Five minutes later…

Clint:  “Seriously, honey, you need to get up.”

Me: “Oh. My. God.  Who made you the Dictator of Getting Up In the Morning and WHY IS IT SO COLD IN HERE?!”

I believe this was about the time he fled for his own safety.

I did manage to get up, find clothes, brush my teeth, grumpily (yes, it is a word) wake the kids and stumble to the coffee pot.  (Bless you Senseo for your quick coffee fix!) I am pretty sure the kids got dressed in clothes that match.  But I did forget to to pack their lunches.  Ugh.  So off to the store in the 35 mile per hour winds and light rain to get food to put in their lunch boxes that they will probably not eat anyway.  Then drag my butt to the school to drop their lunch boxes off.

Can we say TOTALLY got up on the wrong side of the bed?

But even through it all when a snag in business threw itself in my way, I cheerfully handled it (with about a bazillion apologies for needing help fixing things).  I actually felt good when I was working. Hmmm, maybe there is something to that.  I will think about that tomorrow.

Here is the countdown of today’s productivity:

Words written today (that count to NaNoWriMo or my BOOK that should be ready to go now):  0

Rooms cleaned that are in desperate need of a Spring Cleaning in the Fall:  0

Phone calls I was supposed to make that were not urgent but probably should have been made:  0

Hours that I napped because I was such a bitch when I woke up:  4

For me, the math seems to work.  I like that math.  Everyone who didn’t get from me what they needed or wanted would probably disagree, but my bed, hugging my pillow while I snuggled under my blanket and my sweet dreams so very much loved the math.  Maybe THIS is what they mean by new math.  NAP MATH.

I will SO make an A+!


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