Talk Dirty (Jobs) to me!

Talk Dirty (Jobs) to me!

No matter how long I stay at Dad’s house, it is never long enough.  I always cry when I leave and feel like I just got there.  And of course, I never do all that I was planning on doing while I was there.  (That does exclude the honey-do list of things I had Clint do.  Such a busy man as I worked so hard watching.) Must get Clint that high paying job in Houston that I still haven’t heard about or had him apply for.  OR win the lottery.  It would just make all of us happier.  Or at least me.  And we all know when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  So it goes to show that when Mama is happy, everybody should be happy.  I’m just saying.

Although, by the same “being away token,” when I get back to my own home, it feels like I have been gone much longer than I have been.  Like the news that I saw in Houston must not have reached Dallas, so I better check out the back papers and local news.  Apparently, some people named Tom and Katie got married.  Who knew?  You would think with them being starts and all, we would have heard about it. 

In the spirit of full disclosure and being honest with y’all, I have to admit that I spent the entire day Friday (except for when I was watching A&M beat the hell out of UT) watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.  I totally am crushing on this man.  His sense of humor just knocks him right onto my “I so want to meet him and be BFFs and hang out!” His sarcasm?  Well, let’s just say that he would be at home with me when it comes to the sarcasm.  Seriously, I have watched the show for a long time now and totally loved it, but after all day of his humor and such, he just may have knocked My Matt off of my List of 5.  (I know!  Shocking to me, too!  I just can’t get past the whole “No deodorant.  A man should smell like a man!” thing of Matt’s.  Me and my Super Olfactory self would not be able to cut it.  Now hanging out with Mike–even with the Dirty Jobs– I could so do that.  Such a dilemma!  Guess I will have to go with whichever knocks on my door first!)

Clint says my problem is that I am trying to choose between humor and cowboy.  Guess I am going to have to send Mike a cowboy hat.  Now, if only I had a Dirty Job to send in.  Any suggestions?  I mean, my house gets bad at times, but not the Dirty Jobs level.  Must. Get. Dirty. Job.  Talk Dirty to Me.  If you watch the show, what was your favorite?  If you could get me a dirty job to get him here, what would it be?  And finally, how sexy is humor when it comes to crushes?  I’m just asking!  (Because Clint has cowboy—shhhh, don’t tell!  He’ll deny it!– and humor and sexy.  So I am covered.) But everyone must have their List of 5!

Do you?



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