Tis almost the end of the season

Tomorrow marks the end of soccer season.  The dancing and the celebrating will commence tomorrow around 4:00pm after the last game of the season.  The Championship game for my 10 year old.  No matter what happens, they get a medal.  The end the season with either first or second place.  For the first time.  Talk about great celebrating.  I mean, for the fact that they had such a great season, sure.  But really because soccer season is over!

No more 4 days a week of soccer practice (between the 2 kids).  No more 8:00am games.  No more Friday night at 10:30pm “Mom my uniform needs washing and I can’t find it.” No more Saturday at 7:00am “Where are my socks?” And most blessed of all, no more competitive parents .  Although this year has been the best I have ever had in not having that problem.  I know it has to do with both switching leagues for my son and that my daughter is still learning.  Either way, it has been calm. 

I have to admit something.  This season I have been the calmest soccer mom EVER!  I mean I sit down the entire time.  I cheer for our team and even cheer when they other team’s goalie makes an excellent save.  I chat a bit with other parents.  I am the ultimate sideline quiet mom.  Shocking, isn’t it?  No pacing or frustration or even irritation with ridiculous calls by inexperienced officials.  It has been the ultimate season for me as a parent.  Yeah me! 

Oh stop with the “So what?” attitude. I know that is how it is always supposed to be.  I have been a soccer mom for 9 years.  I have cheered at approximately 9,518 games.  To have a calm season rocks my socks off.  Especially when I am not a calm sports watcher.  I am a pacer.  A yeller (a “Go Team!” yeller, but a yeller nevertheless.) I earned the end of this soccer season.

And so did the amazing kiddos that I have been cheering for.  Gabriella had a wonderful first season and could not be any prouder of her very first trophy.  I have photographic evidence of the diva demanding her picture be taken with the trophy immediately after the game.  (Thus, game hair.  Nothing like soccer game hair!)


Tomorrow is Zarek’s championship game.  I am sure he will get his mug shot up here, too.  That IS what we mommybloggers do.  How else are we to earn the big bucks? But until then, here is a picture of game play.  He loves playing.  Which means after this break, we start back up again in February.  And there I will be, cheering and enjoying them play.  I will love watching their joy.  I just may have to hire someone to do the practices, though.  Practices are the bane of my dinner time existence.



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