Vibrating feet, links and Rowe, Rowe, Rowe my boat!

Vibrating feet, links and Rowe, Rowe, Rowe my boat!

Mommybloggers has a fun “Share With Us” contest going on now.  Apparently, the last one was difficult.  This one?  Not so much.  We ask so little of you this time!  Give this one a shot.  You people are cracking us up! 

I also have a new post up at BlogHer.  It has great links to group Mom blogs.  A must!  And it is only part one.

So, you have officially been given good content.  Now onward with the craptacular entry I have set for you here.  Too. Few. Brain. Cells. Left.


Remember when I said I was going to ease back in to my work load?  Remember when I said I learned my lesson after being in the hospital?  I SO LIED!  But, wait!  Before anyone gets all lecturey (New word.  Own it!) on me, I have to tell you something.  The things I am working on, I am loving!  I have been working on the book.  I have been working behind the scenes on fun stuff that is coming up with Mommybloggers. I have been getting active with BlogHer again.  In short, I have really enjoyed working on things I am passionate about again.  (And not so much the things I am not so passionate about.)

Besides that, I always have my vibrating slippers and Mike Rowe to fall back on when I get overly stressed.  Nothing better to get a woman happy….I mean, to de-stress a woman!

For those of you who asked, here is a picture of my Vi-Brating Slippers.  You can get them at Bed Bath & Beyond or at Fingerhut.  But honestly, I know that I got them at either Target or WalMart (Those are the only places I ever get anything.  Prada?  Nada!) But, I cannot find a link to these slippers on either site.  Perhaps they are ashamed to know that women buy vibrators for their feet.


And just because:




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