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Month: December 2006

A year in review?

A year in review?

I thought about doing a year in review.  One of those amazing “this has been a year to remember” kind of posts.  However, I just really am grateful that 2006 is leaving.  Good riddance. 

2006 brought…

…The worst time of my life: the death of my Mom and the months of trying to live through the aftermath.

I took on some new jobs.  Some fit.  Some not so much. I kept the ones I loved and left the ones I didn’t.

I made new friends, lost some old ones.

I grew closer to some people and further from others.

I learned that life has no guarantees, so you better live everyday for all it is worth.

I found wisdom in friends when I couldn’t see it myself and hopefully taught a thing or two.

I learned what is important to my career and what is just filler.

I mended fences that were broken and put up fences that needed to keep toxicity out.

I learned that if I don’t love what I am writing, it isn’t worth the time, money or words.

I found forgiveness where it wasn’t deserved and gave it when I still hurt.

I discovered that business and friendship are not mutually exclusive.  You can love the ones you work with.

I learned that 5 year olds live every second of every day to the fullest and I should too.

I learned that I can live through the hardest experience of my life and not go back to drugs.

I found acceptance among people I admire and friendship among peers I adore.

I gave more than I should have at some points and held back at times when I should have given more.

I learned that you have to say you love someone if you love them.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

I learned not to lean too far over the edge of a hot tub to hug someone or you might fall in.

I received love from more people than I could ever imagine and hope I gave it back.

I lived.

I am ready to take on 2007.  Bring it.

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Shell shocked and spaced out

Shell shocked and spaced out

How can a person have sore muscles, aching bones and the energy level of a slug when the most exertion used is moving from one couch to the other?  I have barely checked email.  Not really blogged.  I haven’t been online.  I have not even played WoW.  (*gasp*) But oh the exhaustion.  I blame it on Santa.  That dude comes one time a year and mentally beats the hell out of parents, then goes back to the North Pole and has a YEAR off.

Whereas we as parents are left with boxes and bags and paper and toys and games that bing, bang, bong, blink, buzz and bam.  I want a year off.  And STILL be beloved by children all over the world for ONE day of work.  So unfair.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season.

I will be over in the corner sucking my thumb and staring at the wall.  (Which reminds me of the best line my sister gave this week.  In the middle of our discussion she seriously mentioned “Yesterday while I was staring at the wall, I came up with a great dessert recipe.” The thing that got me?  I TOTALLY understood the entire “…while I was staring at the wall” comment.  Yep.  Shell shocked and spaced out.)


Matt does Matthew

Matt does Matthew

Okay, if you have read any of this blog you know my “thang” with Matthew McConaughey, right?  This is the very best imitation I have ever seen of him.  For your viewing pleasure, view Matt Damon impersonating Matthew.

Now, if you scroll to the end of this link, you can see Matthew McConaughey’s reaction to Matt’s impression.  Gotta love it.  (Or at least I do!)

If nothing else, good Wednesday eye candy.  You are welcome.

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The work party where my mouth has no boundaries

The work party where my mouth has no boundaries

Sometimes as the wife of a man who works in corporate America, you are called upon to go to certain events like cocktail parties/holiday parties/dinners.  This is where you meet a gabazillion people and forget their names about 5 minutes later.  It is also a time when I–knowing very little about the whole corporate structure of who’s who- talks to everyone as openly as if they were Clint’s best bud.  Meaning, I’ll give you crap without knowing who you are. 

Turns out last night I am messing with someone Clint works with and laughing and being, well…me.  He walks away and I asked, “Now tell me his name again.” Clint of course tells me and then adds on the additional information of “My boss’s boss.” This is where my brain quickly scans the conversation over in my head to make sure I wasn’t “that wife” that people end up feeling badly for Clint that he is has “that wife” for a ball and chain.  Pretty sure I didn’t say much more than, “You totally remind me of someone on a soap opera, but I can’t figure out who.” That is SO not an insult.  Total compliment.  (Right?)

And then of course there were the threats to this really awesome guy that we kept bumping into and talking to.  By threats I mean, “Clint better win me that Zune in the raffle, you know.  I’m just saying.”

Clint leans over and says, “He reads your blog, you know.” (Like that has ever stopped me before.  I see it as a way out of having to break the ice.  Hell, if you read this, you pretty much know what you are getting into with me.) But I did make smart ass references to entries to test him.  And then shared them with his beautiful wife.  I was, well…me.  I knew this about this guy because Clint had talked about him before.  I have met him at the Halloween thing they had for the kids at the office.  He rocked.  It was then that Clint reminded me that, “Uhh, yeah, honey that IS my boss you know.”

Of course I knew.

Shit, I totally forgot because he didn’t act all boss-ish like other bosses Clint has had.  I mean, he knows all about my plasma TV love.

I am fairly confident my big mouth didn’t get Clint fired or anything.  Hey, I almost even got myself a job as a bartender.  When in doubt and you know few people and your husband in talking “business”, go make friends with the bartenders who aren’t busy.  I am serious.  They have great stories, are very personable and they are fun to talk to.  I tried setting up the woman bartender with a co-worker of Clint’s but I am not sure how that worked out because she got off work and I had to leave.  (KIDS!) But, I was invited back on Friday to hang with the bartenders and chill with them on a slower night.  How cool is that? 

See?  I may not know how to business schmooze, but I know how to make good friends with the bartenders.  (Which could explain A LOT.)

This morning, off to the “winter” parties for the elementary kids.  And it is raining.  Pouring.  Good “go back to bed” weather.  Maybe after the parties.  I mean, after I clean the house from top to bottom and then maybe I will.  HA!

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The Year Without a Sanity Clause

The Year Without a Sanity Clause

The Year Without a Sanity Clause recap is painful.  I set my DVR to record the show.  One, because I couldn’t bear to sit through it all in one sitting.  Two, it was the worst time of the night for me to try to watch TV.  Bath. Stories.  Bed.  And I have the kids to deal with, too.  However, my DVR took one look at what it was recording and said, “Oh, Hell to the NO!” and stopped recording one minute in.  No kidding.  I caught this at about 15 minutes in and starting the recording at that point.  So, I can say that I have nothing bad to say about the first 15 minutes.  In fact, I probably think it was the best part of what I saw.

Where do I start with the horror?  What were they thinking?  I called my sister in dismay and shockq as we bitched about why anyone would take a classic and RUIN it with bad acting, bad stories and BAD BAD costumes.  The Year Without a Santa Clause did not need a make-over.  The new version?  Totally needs a burial.  At sea.  On fire.  With sharks circling.  And then do it all over again.

The horror of the Miser brothers version of the Heat Miser/Snow Miser song?  *shudder* I watched in horror and was not even once tempted to sing it. In fact, I think my whole body went into a state of horrified shock.  Sort of like if you suddenly had a severed head dropped at your feet.  You can’t scream.  You can’t run.  And sadly, you can’t look away.  I was way more moved to jam hot pokers in my ears and scream Noooooooo!  It was like the worst cabaret act EVER.

While we are talking about wrong, can I just say there is just NO place in my favorite movie for a line like “”Stop mackin and stackin’…Trying to make booty calls on the clock?!  That’s too much booty…” Just no.  Don’t hip hop up this show.  (Had it been something else, maybe a giggle would have occurred, but my horror was too great.) Only to later have the line “That’s how we do it in the Arctic.  Throw the A down.” tossed out.  Just…no.

The only thing that did not horrify me was Mother Nature. But that probably has something to do with Carol Kane and my love for her in parts like this.  (Loved her in Scrooged.) At least she gave it something to keep me from throwing a bowling ball through the TV screen.

Over all, it was worse than I thought it would be.  Worse.  How?  I cannot even begin to imagine how it could have turned out worse than my worse fears, but somehow it succeeded.  That was about all it succeeded in doing.

Learn from this, TV executives.  It does NOT work.  In fact, it sucks.  The suck wattage on projects like this burn with the intensity of a thousand suns.  Yes. That much suck wattage.

But enough about my glowing review.  What did you think (if you gave it a chance) which I applaud your pain tolerance if you did.

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Heat Miser this, NBC!

Heat Miser this, NBC!


So NBC thinks it is going to mess with my holiday classic and remake it?  Say what?  Apparently, they feel that The Year Without a Santa Clause needed a face lift for the 21st century.  Wha-huh?  For anyone who knows me, you know that it is my all time favorite Christmas movie.  I mean who has it in their Grinchy soul to not love Heat Miser and Snow Miser?  It’s just wrong, I tell you.  A real live actor playing Heat Miser?  An actual person playing Snow Miser?  I shudder to think of it.  But, yet, they did not call me to ask my opinion. 

It airs tonight on NBC at 9:00pmEST/8:00pm CST.  I will probably watch to see how they muck it up.  Next thing you know they are going to colorize It’s a Wonderful Life.  Oh wait, they already did that.  Fools.

I will try to give it a shot.  But if you think for one minute I won’t immediately change it over the the original if it sucks, you are sadly mistaken.  I just have to ask WHY?  In case you are wondering how they modernized it *gag*, here is a link so you can go and pout, too.  This is their idea of what they think that Heat Miser and Snow Miser should look like.  They are just so wrong.  Wrong.  Did I mention WRONG?

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