A year in review?

A year in review?

I thought about doing a year in review.  One of those amazing “this has been a year to remember” kind of posts.  However, I just really am grateful that 2006 is leaving.  Good riddance. 

2006 brought…

…The worst time of my life: the death of my Mom and the months of trying to live through the aftermath.

I took on some new jobs.  Some fit.  Some not so much. I kept the ones I loved and left the ones I didn’t.

I made new friends, lost some old ones.

I grew closer to some people and further from others.

I learned that life has no guarantees, so you better live everyday for all it is worth.

I found wisdom in friends when I couldn’t see it myself and hopefully taught a thing or two.

I learned what is important to my career and what is just filler.

I mended fences that were broken and put up fences that needed to keep toxicity out.

I learned that if I don’t love what I am writing, it isn’t worth the time, money or words.

I found forgiveness where it wasn’t deserved and gave it when I still hurt.

I discovered that business and friendship are not mutually exclusive.  You can love the ones you work with.

I learned that 5 year olds live every second of every day to the fullest and I should too.

I learned that I can live through the hardest experience of my life and not go back to drugs.

I found acceptance among people I admire and friendship among peers I adore.

I gave more than I should have at some points and held back at times when I should have given more.

I learned that you have to say you love someone if you love them.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

I learned not to lean too far over the edge of a hot tub to hug someone or you might fall in.

I received love from more people than I could ever imagine and hope I gave it back.

I lived.

I am ready to take on 2007.  Bring it.


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