Heat Miser this, NBC!

Heat Miser this, NBC!


So NBC thinks it is going to mess with my holiday classic and remake it?  Say what?  Apparently, they feel that The Year Without a Santa Clause needed a face lift for the 21st century.  Wha-huh?  For anyone who knows me, you know that it is my all time favorite Christmas movie.  I mean who has it in their Grinchy soul to not love Heat Miser and Snow Miser?  It’s just wrong, I tell you.  A real live actor playing Heat Miser?  An actual person playing Snow Miser?  I shudder to think of it.  But, yet, they did not call me to ask my opinion. 

It airs tonight on NBC at 9:00pmEST/8:00pm CST.  I will probably watch to see how they muck it up.  Next thing you know they are going to colorize It’s a Wonderful Life.  Oh wait, they already did that.  Fools.

I will try to give it a shot.  But if you think for one minute I won’t immediately change it over the the original if it sucks, you are sadly mistaken.  I just have to ask WHY?  In case you are wondering how they modernized it *gag*, here is a link so you can go and pout, too.  This is their idea of what they think that Heat Miser and Snow Miser should look like.  They are just so wrong.  Wrong.  Did I mention WRONG?


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