How do you say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye?

Recently I was having a conversation about emails.  More specifically, how people sign emails.  Of course you have the obvious of “sincerely” and “yours truly” for some cases.  Then you have the more friendly sign offs like “xoxo” or “mwah”.  Perhaps even a “love” here or there.  But sometimes you can get random sign offs that make you wonder what the intent behind it could possibly be.  (What is that supposed to mean anyway?) So we started signing our emails in ways that would try to get the other laughing.

So far we have:

HO-iliciously yours

Best in show!

oxox fox in sox

best buns ever

Now, these are just from random emails today.  I think we should all adopt a sign off that not only makes people do a double take, but may also make them snort a giggle or two.  And you can’t use it more than once.  If nothing else, it can stretch your creative muscles.

But while we were talking about emails and sign-offs, it really made me notice how people sign their emails.  Is their sign-off the same to everyone?  Do they have a certain group that gets one while another that gets a different one altogether?  How do they decide?  And really, what does it say about you the way you sign your emails?  One of my friends who lives too many states away always signs her emails in such a personal and uplifting way, I always look forward to reading them and getting the mental encouragement she never fails to give.

So how do YOU sign your emails?  Or is this whole train of thought just drivel and really, who the hell cares.  (Do not answer that last part.  I mean really, that would be so rude!)

In other areas of annoyance, I was prodded into telling a horrible riddle to Clint last night. (Not one I would dare to repeat here.) Now, I could have chosen to wait until morning, but where is the fun in that?  So by the time I hit the bed, he was already cozy and half asleep. But only half asleep.  Perfect time to drop a riddle on him.  It was then that I got the glare of death.  Which in turn made me dissolve into a fit of giggles.  That of course led him to start mumbling, “No.  Just No.  No.” If you think that didn’t make me almost fall out of bed laughing you are sadly mistaken.  I am so evil.  I realize that.  But I sure do have one hell of a good time.


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