I’m not here. I’m over there, there and there.

I promise you and entry with intrique, violence and heated dirty talk later.  (Or at least an entry.) But for now, I wanted to let you know that I have a new entry over at MommybloggersWhen was the last time you did it?

And earlier in the week I resumed my posting over at DotMoms entitled Sugar and spice and Three Dog Night

Trendy Tweens?  Well, it is in a hand-basket awaiting it’s trip to..well you know where being in a hand-basket sends you.

Aggroqueen She has been so neglected.  That one will be updated after I get the playroom clean.  I have news.  Well, not so much news as new.  A new character.  A new name.  And a new shout out to Blizzard.


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