Shell shocked and spaced out

Shell shocked and spaced out

How can a person have sore muscles, aching bones and the energy level of a slug when the most exertion used is moving from one couch to the other?  I have barely checked email.  Not really blogged.  I haven’t been online.  I have not even played WoW.  (*gasp*) But oh the exhaustion.  I blame it on Santa.  That dude comes one time a year and mentally beats the hell out of parents, then goes back to the North Pole and has a YEAR off.

Whereas we as parents are left with boxes and bags and paper and toys and games that bing, bang, bong, blink, buzz and bam.  I want a year off.  And STILL be beloved by children all over the world for ONE day of work.  So unfair.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season.

I will be over in the corner sucking my thumb and staring at the wall.  (Which reminds me of the best line my sister gave this week.  In the middle of our discussion she seriously mentioned “Yesterday while I was staring at the wall, I came up with a great dessert recipe.” The thing that got me?  I TOTALLY understood the entire “…while I was staring at the wall” comment.  Yep.  Shell shocked and spaced out.)


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