Tag! You’re it, doberbutt.

What is a woman to do on a cold Sunday afternoon when there is a list of chores and projects a mile long that need to be taken care of?  Why teach your dog to play tag!  Yes, I am serious.  Tag the Doberbutt on the back, shout, “TAG!  You’re it!” and then run like a mad woman in the other direction.  He will eventually catch you.  When he does, praise him and say, “I’m going to get you!” He will run off in the other direction.

This is seriously good for both exercise as well as entertainment.  At least for the two people participants playing tag.  Everyone else will be irritated after about 3 minutes of the barking and screaming.  The Doberbutt never tires of the game.  I on the other hand am over it much faster.  But does that stop him from pawing me and barking?  Nope. 

For my next trick, I am going to teach him how to play hide and go seek.  He has the seek part down, but he totally sucks at hiding.  Dumb dog!


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