First Gloria Steinem and then Steve Case. Now I am holding out for Ellen Degeneres to call.

I was honored to be asked by Cynthia (a woman you should really read because I totally admire and respect this woman and am actually trying to get her to adopt me!) to be on a conference call with Jenny of Three Kid Circus, Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad and Kelly of Mocha Mama to talk to Steve Case about his newly launched Revolution Health.  My first thought was It must be another Steve Case.  Not the Steve Case that is responsible for bringing more people to the Internet than Al Gore.  Yes, it was in fact the Steve Case, co-founder of AOL. 

He wanted to talk to us about the launch of Revolution Health.  Now, this time, unlike my stumbling over my words when speaking to Gloria Steinem, I was able to form complete sentences and ask intelligent questions (or at least questions that I wanted to hear his views on.) All of the women on this call amazed me with their insight, intelligence and in depth questions about this new site.  Steve answered these questions openly, honestly and with ease.  (Yes, as a matter of fact, I was impressed with him.)

Now, I don’t think he will be calling me back personally as Gloria did (she told me to call her that), but I do plan on adding to my business card:

“On speed dial with Steve Case and Gloria Steinem.  Or at least I pretend to be.”

For a full review of Revolution Health, go visit my new review blog at Buzz Review Blog.  I have a lot to say (shocker!) about a lot of things.  But first you can read about my conversation with Steve Case.

Now, I am just holding out for Ellen to call?  Ellen?  Can you hear me?


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