Now that I have tickets to the All Stars Game, I must go vomit

Now that I have tickets to the All Stars Game, I must go vomit

Do you know where I was supposed to be tonight.  At the NHL Hockey All Stars Game.  Do you want to know where I was?  At home vomiting.  SO not fair.  But Clint and Brandon got to go.  AND see people like Garth freakin’ Brooks!  And Brett Hull.  I love Brett Hull. He’s the freakin’ Ambassador of Fun, man.  Ambassador of FUN!  When Clint asked if I wanted him to bring something back to me I shouted, “Hell yes!  Bring me Brett Hull!  Or the shirt off of his back.  Or a sweat stained towel that he wiped his forehead with.  (Even if he wasn’t playing maybe just maybe he had a sweat stained towel.)

Home sick.

This from a woman who told the doctor to hold off on delivering her baby girl until the Stars hockey game was over.  And I got to stay home.  And be sick.  If I wasn’t sick, this would make me SO SICK.  But noooo, Clint insisted that puking on the DART would be a very bad thing.  (Considering that thing makes me nauseous on a good day, it was a real possibility that I would have.  SO?  I mean, I could have taken a barf bag.)

Brett?  BRETT?  I missed you, man.  Forgive me.  Tell me when I can meet you again and I will SO be there.

Garth?  Oh Garth, it has been years.  I have missed you.

*sigh* Now I am sad.  I must go kill things now.

If you want to see pictures of what I got to experience MISS, go to my Flickr account and weep with me.


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