Why sleep when I can freeze my horde off?

Why sleep when I can freeze my horde off?

What do sane, rational people do at midnight on a Monday night when the temperature is below freezing and there is ice on the roads?  I have no idea because I will be out getting my copy of World of Warcraft’s expansion pack: The Burning Crusade in hopes of finding that ever elusive collector’s edition. (Which exludes me from being in the sane category.) Thankyouverymuch, Blizzard, for making me fall in love.  I could be in bed, warm and cozy with a good book.  But noooooo, you insisted I fall in love with the cult experience that is World of Warcrapcraft.

The following (love) letter was posted on Aggroqueen, but seeing as I have to be out in the freezing weather because of my obsession hobby, I am cross-posting.

Dear (beloved) Creators of World of Warcraft,

How could you?  How could make fall in love with playing WoW and do it in a way in which the timing is such that I didn’t realize I was in love until it was too late to order my copy of the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition?  I mean, you hooked me up with the CE edition of WoW when I was still such a noob.  You even sent me the key to my heart anytime– t-shirts!  And after months of alpha testing and beta testing I discover I won’t be able to have a collector’s edition of BC.  Oh, Blizzard, what have you done to me?  Why did you not warn me about the shortage of CE’s?  Why did you not prepare me and let me know that even though when we found each other I could never understand it at the time, but one day I would want a CE and should pre-order it?  Why?  Whyyyyyyyyyy?

I weep.

How can I live without my vanity pet? And knowing there is a new one coming?  How can I look over at just a regular expansion pack edition without anyone’s signature?  Was this part of the plan?  Are you breaking up with me?  Please don’t break up with me.  Or is this your way of saying you want to see other players?  So soon?  I mean, I thought we had something special.  You know, the whole “we will make you ours” type of relationship we had going?  Remember how you said I amuse you?  Is the magic gone?

Is it the fact I haven’t mooned you yet?  I will!  I name all of my characters something “moon” related.  That’s for you, my friends.  All for you.

And now, on the eve of the BC release, I weep that I was not indoctrinated into your cult sooner.  If I had only known.

If I had only known.

But I still love you.  I didn’t want to.  I tried not to.  But we are helpless as to what our heart feels.  You had me at “vanity pet.”

Begrudgingly yours,


ps- When is the next expansion pack coming out?  What’s next?  Can I put my name on the waiting list NOW?!  I mean to avoid this heartbreak between us.

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