My son taught me that shoe leather doesn’t taste very good

My son taught me that shoe leather doesn’t taste very good

Sometimes I tend to let my mouth do its job before my brain has a chance to intercede.  You know how it goes.  You get all fired up and blast someone or something and after a while you wonder if maybe you were too harsh, too tough or too judgmental?  Of course you don’t because my readers are awesome and well spoken and polite.  I know you are! However, I do know the feeling all too well because I tend to live on a diet of shoe leather.

I was ranting to my husband about something another person did and said and really just ripping into this woman.  I felt justified even though the slight was not against me but against a friend of mine.  I had been “bitten” by this friend before and therefore took it personally as if I was once again the object of spite.  As I ranted and insulted this woman, my son asked me why I was angry.  I told him that a friend of mine was having things said about her that were not nice and that it wasn’t fair.  I explained that it made me mad since I had been in that position.

He looked at me for a minute and said, “But aren’t you doing the same thing right now?”

*crickets chirping*

Nope.  Shoe leather does not taste very good.  Just so you know.


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