The Today Show hoping to clear the air

The Today Show hoping to clear the air

I told you earlier in the week over on Mommybloggers and now I am telling you here, after all of the buzz and backlash that was created after the Today Show’s “Cocktails and Playdates” story, Today Show invited my gal Stefanie Wilder-Taylor to come back to the show (in studio this time) apparently sensitive to the fact that the previous segment stirred up the situation way beyond what I think anyone could have imagined.  I don’t think anyone expected the chaos that followed that segment.  Quoted in the LA Times last week, Stefanie said:

“I hope that I can straighten it out,” Wilder-Taylor said Tuesday from her Encino home as 2-year-old daughter Elby played in the background.

“I’m not mad,” she stressed. “They called me and invited me back. I didn’t call to say I was misrepresented.”

So, if you are one of the people who had a few things to say about the segment, see what Meredith, Stefanie (and I am pretty sure Dr. Janet) have to say to clear the air around this topic.  Knowing Stefanie, she will be witty and lighten it up and hopefully represent in a way that will smooth a few ruffled feathers.

She will be on The Today Show tomorrow morning (Wednesday, the 7th).  TiVo (or if you are like me without TiVo), record it.  Just tell the kids Dora is sick and won’t be on tomorrow morning and make sure you tune in.

So just grab your Sippy Cups And Your Chardonnay and forget the whole thing and let’s just stop judging each other and get back to arguing over the hot issues.  Like Matthew or Brad and is George still in the running?  I am talking HOT issues, people. 


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