Tormenting the Teens

Tormenting the Teens

What two words can strike fear into the hearts of teens and tots everywhere?  Okay…I admit there are a lot.  But the two I am thinking of are SPRING CLEANING!

You heard me right.  Next week is the infamous Spring Break.  I want my house clean and shining for this break so that I don’t spend the whole week tripping over clutter, crying over messes and basically being that insane mom who freaks out over the CLUTTER.

Here is where I am asking you for help.

What are you best organization tips?

How do you get your kids (remember mine are ages 5, 11 and 13) to get motivated (HA!) enough to clean house?

Do you do rewards?  Chore charts?  Threats?  Bribes?  Circus animals?  (Yeah, that last one is a stretch, but you are looking at a desperate woman here!)

Help me help…you well, actually..ME!  I am calling upon the wisdom of you, dear Internets for your best and most helpful cleaning tips and motivational tools to get the kids to help.  Because if I have to do it myself then they will have a miserable Spring Break because Mom will become Super Freaking Out Because This Place is a Mess Mom.

Who knows?  Maybe the most effective idea submitted will win a prize.  Or something.  ANYTHING to help me get these kids off the computer and helping to clean.  I have threatened to put the house on the market because, let’s face it, that was when my house was the cleanest and the kids helped the most.

Bring it, friends.  And don’t be gentle.  I am all about the tough love.  (Unless it is aimed at me.  Then I cry!)


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