Click me…and again…one more time!

Click me…and again…one more time!

I am on TopMamma today.  You may not recognize me because I used one of my Glamour Shots.  I used this one:


(If you click her in the nose it takes you to the page where I get….ummm, I don’t know what I get…but if you then click on this picture again on that page, it will of course bring you back here.  So very confusing, I know.  And why am I asking you to do this?  Hell if I know.  Maybe because I am locked out of my other blog and am totally stressing it.  And maybe because it will bring you back to my “There is no crying in hockey!” story.  And maybe because you love me and don’t want me to look like a TOTAL loser with no click throughs.  And maybe because then you can take out the other people they added today and I can last longer than a day.  SO mature, but I am there, so click me baby. Because I totally know that if I don’t get the clicks then I know that I will totally NOT be asked to Homecoming and then I will NEVER be able to sit at the cool table again and my whole life will be ruined FOREVER!  It’s so UNFAIR. *foot stamp*)

I signed up a long time ago and forgot.  Now, I am going to be kicked right on off that page unless someone clicks me.  (Why do I do this?  Why?  I don’t remember, but I did it and now, well, I have to pay the clickage!)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go off to Biology class because you know Ms Parker is like so mean and like if I am late like one more time then she like said I would like SO not be able to go to prom and I am SO GOING to prom, people.  Ya know??  (Hey, it felt like a high school moment to me.  I went with it!)

Ohhhh, more more!  Did you notice the ad on the side?  Go Meat!  Totally worth clicking if you want to–and no, I don’t get any bonus click throughs if you click it.  I am just suggesting it because it made my day.  Maybe it will make yours.  GO MEAT!

[Update:  It felt like a silly day.  I get those when I am about to SNAP, so I went with it.]


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