It may have tried to kill me, but I am WINNING this war!

It may have tried to kill me, but I am WINNING this war!

I almost named this entry “Lucky Number 7” but that seems so silly when what I am celebrating is so huge.

imageToday marks my 7th “birthday” clean and clear of my need for pills…7 years of overcoming this addiction.  (I will pause now for high 5’s and a few Wooots!)

Seven years.  Approximately 2,557 days.  About 61,361 hours.  And if you think there are days when those hours don’t count, think again.  There are days even now when I just promise myself to get through the next few minutes, then hour, then night and finally I get through the dark time and am soaring again without having slipped.  If you remember, the time leading up to this anniversary always makes me wack.

But I did it.

Today marks SEVEN YEARS since I finally hit rock bottom, had no where to turn and let go (finally) and became clean.  And you know what?  I am damn proud of it, too!

The past year has been hell in my life.  (Like I need to tell you that!) The past few months I have been coming out of this horrific fog I have been in for so long and the best way to describe the feeling is to compare it to someone coming out of a coma after a horrible accident.  No longer numb and therefore, hurting like hell.  A time when you are begging mentally to numb that pain.  Somehow.  Anyway you can find. I am not ashamed to admit that more than once I have been jonesing for a fix to just not hurt anymore.  To just not feel overwhelmed, guilty or not good enough. 

But the thing I can celebrate today is that I DID NOT GIVE IN!  I won this year.  No one can take back these 7 years.  And they sure as hell cannot take back the battle that has been this past year. 

And I won.

Seven years. 

imageAnd though I am all about tooting my own horn when it comes to something like this (because it is a really hard thing to do!), I want to hear from you.  Yes, YOU.  We all have had to face something in our lives that has scared the hell out of us or been a huge challenge that we didn’t think we could get through it.  We’ve ALL been there.  Let’s celebrate getting through the hell, the fear and the hard times…together!

Share with me.  Either here in the comments, email me or blog about it on your own blog and let me know about it.  (I want to do a huge celebratory and overcoming entry where we all can celebrate our victories.  Who knows?  Your accomplishment may be just what someone else needs to read to get through their own tough times.)

Celebrate with me. 

I wanna rock this house, baby.  Because Seven Years is worth a party, don’t you think?


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