Spring Break, falling forward and asking Julia a thing or two

Spring Break, falling forward and asking Julia a thing or two

We just got home from Spring Break with the family.  The same weekend as the clocks were moved forward.  That is just mean.  Mean. Mean. And oh so MEAN.  Guess who is too tired to even consider a decent entry or for that matter a decent thought?

Did you guess me?

You are SO right!

We had fun.  The kids wish that Spring Break lasted at least another week.  Truth be told, so do I.  I am not hip on the drive back that is normally about 5 hours taking around 8 hours.  Ugh.  However, the upside to that is that part of the delay was that the kids wanted to see the house I lived in before the one my Dad lives in now (the only other house I knew as a child), so we stopped by on the way out of town.  So what? you may be thinking.  (We’ll talk about how rude that is later.) Well…

As we drove by the house, I saw the Mom of my childhood best friend sitting in her driveway.  Of course I had to get out and rush her and hug her and reminisce.  But even better than that, my childhood best friend was staying there, so I was able to catch up with her, too.  It was completely strange to speak “mother” with her when we still both see each other as 6, 7 or 8 years old yet we both have kids.  How can she have a teenager?  We are so not that old.  Oh, wait. I have a teenager.  Crap.  Looks like we both really are that old.

Good times.

Tired times.

Do you hear my bed calling me?  I do.  Back later with big fun details of how much fun Wii had while we were there.  (No, that is not a typo, but thanks for checking.)

All I can say is that this week off came at the perfect time for all of us.  I am now forced to ask myself: When is SUMMER BREAK coming so that this school year can finally END?!


On a completely different note, do you just love Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her show The New Adventures of Old Christine like I do? (Of course you do!) I love it if for no other reason than I completely know and have lived through her PTA hellions minions friends.  That and the fact that the facial expressions that Julia Louis-Dreyfus can pull off are nothing but inspirational in my book.  I must study how she does it.  But that is not the point.  The point is, if you love her and the show, now is your chance to “talk” to her. 

BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone will emcee the press conference, bringing your questions to Julia and Kari (the series creator and executive producer) in a 30-minute live interview webcast.  SO, go to BlogHer and check it out.  Then bring it. 

You know you want to.


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