Who let the PTA back in?

Who let the PTA back in?

They say that a sign of maturity is to move past things that used to bother you so much in your…well, past.  To learn from your mistakes.  To let go of minor irritations and become a better person.  I say that because this week the PTA is announcing voting declaring the board members for next year.  Guess how I know that?  If you guessed because I am one of them, well….are you NEW HERE?  Seriously smack yourself in the head if you thought that.  If I were the last willing, able-bodied. parent volunteer left of Earth, this group would not put me on a board.  I think I am still under restriction and am blackballed. 

So how do I know that the new board members are about to be announced?  Because I went to a real live PTA meeting.  I know!  In the conference room.  With PTA members.  Totally insane, I know!  But, they are having an awesome program this week on diversity that I really was interested in and wanted to learn more about it.  As the meeting ended, I heard the president say, “So, you will be available to volunteer all day, right?”

Of course that is when I fled from the room, got in my car and drove home to hide under my bed.

But NO!

That is actually when I heard this voice say, “Of course!.”

That voice was ME!  ME, people!  Hold me.

In my defense (and their support), the program is excellent.  And I am going to be working with the kids all day.  But so help me, if one Meanie Mom or PTAnal Retentive Mom starts in on me, it is SO ON.  Oh, gawd, please let them be nice to me.  I don’t feel like going back through the muck and yuck and ick.  And if I am totally honest, I am pretty sure they don’t want to go through it again either.

So, tell me.  This new board…they are going to have real live, real human and really nice people without any meanie moms to be found, right?  Right?!  Because I would really like to be able to play nice with others again.  (And am totally going to tell on them if they are not nice to me again!)


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