A different point of Vue. (Saturn VUE, that is!)

A different point of Vue. (Saturn VUE, that is!)


imageI am in the market for a new car.  Well, when I say “in the market” I mean that I accost strange people in parking lots when I see a vehicle I think would fit my family of five and immediately question them about how they feel when it comes to MPG, leg room, leather vs. cloth and of course, CD player sound quality.  I have only had one woman run screaming from me.  (At least, I think it was me.  It could have been my Doberman in the car growling out the window.)

So, when I was offered the chance to test drive a new Saturn VUE- Greenline, I jumped at it.  In fact, I jumped so hard that I think I knocked over the nice people offering.  I do love to test drive new vehicles.  That new car smell.  That clean car atmosphere.  The radio stations that I get to preset myself.  Let me at least give you a small disclaimer.  I own a Saturn.  I bought it when they boys were one and three years old.  Tiny little people.  People who had car seats and sippy cups.  A time when my daughter was not only not yet born, but not even an idea.  We knew for sure that a Saturn SL2 would work for us for years.  And it has.  For 10 years to be exact.  But you see, the kids have decided to grow up (not to mention we added another!) and now, well, the nearly 6 foot tall teen is a bit crushed in the back seat of the car when all 5 of us go for a drive.  If the car grew with the family, I would drive it forever.  Honestly, I have never owned a car that has been as good to us and as dependable as our Saturn.  Therefore, of course I was going to jump at the chance to test another version of a Saturn.

The nice gentleman dropped off the car and was very cool when I squealed and jumped up and did my “new car in da house” dance when he passed over the keys.  I raced to check out the VUE as soon as he left.  It was love at first site.  I loaded up the husband in the back seat.  (Hey!  The kids were in school and I had to check for leg room.  HE FIT!) We drove around and did what all people do when they are in a new car.  Played with the windows and honked the horn.  So far it passed my personal tests.  But, if I was going to actually consider buying one of these (or even giving my thumbs up for it), I was going to have to check out the important details that really do make a difference between having fun driving a car and really wanting to buy it.

The Saturn Vue Greenline Hybrid is the first GM vehicle powered by a new, more affordable hybrid system that delivers an estimated 20-percent improvement in fuel economy, depending on driving conditions.  It delivers an EPA estimated 27 mgp in the city and the best highway mileage of any SUV at 32 mpg.  The Vue’s hybrid system costs under $2000.  The full vehicle stats at less than $23,000.  Meaning, economical, efficient and you don’t have to sell a kidney to afford it.

Driving the Green Line is, well, just like driving any other mid-size SUV.  If I didn’t know any better, I would only notice the difference when I came to a stop. In fact, I am pretty sure most drivers won’t notice anything unusual until they’ve stopped at a red light or stop sign, too. In most situations, the engine completely stops

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