Alpha Moms, Beta Moms and the rest of us Greek alphabet moms

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This morning ABC’s Good Morning America aired a segment on Alpha Moms.  This is how they define an alpha mom: 

Alpha moms have emerged as the generation of college educated woman who take their experiences from the workplace and apply them to parenting with the same intensity. Aware of their potential influence, advertisers are tapping into them to reach moms all over America.

Now, I can see that.  Just as there are type A women in the workplace, there are type A women in motherhood.  Type A does not stand for Awesomely better, in case you were wondering.  Although not totally clear in their segment that the alpha moms they were referring to had more to do with Alpha Mom the site rather than alpha mom the person.

Isabel Kallman is an Ivy-league educated, former Wall Street hotshot. But just after her now 3-year-old son Ryland was born, she left her job and launched alpha-mom TV

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