BlogHer ’07 dance off challenge

BlogHer ’07 dance off challenge

BlogHer '07><noscript><img decoding=go register!) This is about a challenge.

You see, last year the infamous and oh-so-talented Yvonne of Joy Unexpected wowed the crowed with her amazing mad skillz with The Worm.  I mean, she is after all the one who can dance the dirty with the best of them.  In fact, she is going to become the queen of aerobic dance! I just know she will.  (Look for her monkey dance, too.  Because this woman, she does taunt me with her mad skillz.)

Okay, I admit it.  I can be competitive. (And a bit jealous!) So, for this year, I am SO working on a dance routine that will knock her socks off (and yours) and cause jealousy throughout the BlogHer world.  I mean, I am going to make the room rock with the rhythm.

I have watched the video of the dance I am preparing. I am not one to usually dance in public, but with moves that would make Paula Abdul proud and wish she had thought of them first, I cannot resist.  I have studied the choreography.  (And let me tell you, it it tough to move around this much, but I will find a space large enough.  I will!) I have even scoured the Internet to find the same song so that I can make it all perfect.  I will dazzle and amaze you with the moves.  I am so serious about it, I have studied even the facial expressions–because we all know the expressions can make or break a dance routine. 

I thought about not showing you the whole routine first because I hate to have someone out choreography me.  That would suck.  But because I want you to have an incentive to go, I shall share what you would miss if you were not there.

Now, here is the video of my Miracle Dance.  I shall study and study hard the moves of the master.  Right down to the gum. I am even looking into the same costume, but that may be a stretch too far. Are you ready?

Yvonne, it is SO ON.  I can take your monkey and the dirty dance.  But can you do the Miracle Dance?

So really, go to BlogHer.  If for nothing else, I will be teaching this awesome dance one night for those of you brave enough to try it.


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