Brain Quest: It’s Okay to Be Smart!

Brain Quest: It’s Okay to Be Smart!


When we received the BrainQuest DVD for 1st-3rd graders, my 6 year old was thrilled.  She is in kindergarten and thought she was hot stuff getting a first grade DVD.  As soon as I popped in the DVD the questions immediately began.  It would have been very helpful to have a menu.  Something to get the kids excited to get started.  She felt a bit overwhelmed being thrown right in and decided she no longer wanted to play.

After a few turns with her brother and I playing, she came back to give it another shot.  Her only frustration came when she couldn’t read as fast as the questions needed her to.  Being on the lower end of the age group, I was worried that she would be overwhelmed.  I was surprised at how many answers she either knew or guessed correctly.  She had enough fun playing with her brother and I that her frustration level stayed rather low and she enjoyed herself.

My biggest criticism of the DVD was the lack of a menu.  It was not an easy DVD to navigate.  And there really isn’t a way to stop the game and come back later if you need a break.  Each time you want to start, you have to start over.  That did not go over well with the kids. 

While they were playing, they did enjoy it.  I will probably bring it out on a day when they need something new to do that does not involve cartoon characters or massive gaming skills.  It was enjoyable to watch my daughter learn new things and show her pride at the things she knew. 

All in all, the DVD is a great learning tool.  I would recommend it as long as you are aware that it is hard to navigate.  My daughter is on the lower age end of this DVD and still enjoyed it.  She loves the cards it came with and we keep those in the car to “play learning” on trips that last longer than 20 minutes.  Great learning tools!  Great DVD!

We will definitely pull this one back out and play it again and again.  I have also added it to my list of gifts to give for the many parties kids this age have.  The minor inconveniences like the lack of a DVD menu are minor compared to the fun that we had playing this.  (And they learn!)

I (along with Gabriella) give this a thumbs up!

Check out the Brighter Minds Media website for more information on the Brain Quest DVD game for 6-8 year olds as well as an edition for older kids, 8-10. I like knowing this is something we can grow into and continue to move up in the DVD age groups.



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