Reading makes you stupid

Reading makes you stupid

Is it possible to be so tired that your teeth are numb?  No?  What about so tired that your words slur because for the love of all things lazy it is too hard to actually use those muscles in your face and mouth to actually form the words?  See!  I knew you would get that one.  I cannot even blame it on a child as I did for so many years.  (Well, I could, but it would not be true.) I blame it on reading. 

I recently finished a few non-fiction “I Will Make Your Life Easier Because You Simply Must Know This NOW” books and was craving some fiction.  (Send fiction!  Chick Lit.  Mysteries.  Must have more books!  I’m just sayin’.) So, where was I?  Oh, reading.  So, I recently got Harlan Coban’s newest book, The Woods.  Let me just add this now.  If you have not read any of Harlan Coben’s stand alone books, you are missing out.  He has the style of writing where you absolutely cannot stand to stop reading because, I simply have to know what happens next! He has written some of my favorites, by the way.  Only a few authors (not counting authors I have made friends with) make me jump up and down with glee in public when I see a new book they have written.  Harlan Coben, Stuart Woods and Janet Evanovich are three of them.  Imagine my “Jenn’s gonna get some new books!  Jenn’s gonna get some new books!” dance that I did right there in the bookstore when I saw that both Coben and Woods have new books out.  And no, I am not ashamed that I do a special dance when I see a new book that I am eager to read.

So I stayed awake until 3:45am last night reading. 

Today I am stupid tired.

Which can only lead one to the conclusion:  Reading makes your you stupid.  (See?!)

I’m just sayin’!

Does reading make you stupid?  I mean, do you do things like staying up way too late reading because you cannot stop reading.  Let me know your favorite book.  It takes a day or two for me to fly through the ones I have, so I will soon be jonesing for more.


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