It’s not gossip. It’s networking!

It’s not gossip. It’s networking!

imageThe has been one of those weeks that has made me check and double check my ID and my old face to make sure that I am not in high school again. Seriously? Over. It. At what age does the gossip stop? The finger pointing? The worries about whether or not you are in the right clique or not? Honey, this is 2007. I am 37 years old. I don’t have time for cliques or trying to figure out where the cool table is or if I can sit there. For me, the cool table is the table where people are laughing and having fun regardless of who is sitting there–everyone belongs.

So, speaking of that, I have a bone to pick with a few of you. Well, actually, I don’t know if it really involves any of you but if it does, here ya go. I have been reading around some blogs about BlogHer and have read several times that women are either not sure if they “should” go or that they are going and feel like they are going to be either too “uncool” or “dorks” etc. Can I just go on the record as saying that ANYONE who thinks this better seek me out and hang with me. Why? Because the very best parts of BlogHer are the moments when strangers are sitting around a table together talking, laughing and sharing a good time and NO ONE cares about stats, popularity or even what “kind” of blog you have.

My best memories of BlogHer are these times. The times when the hoopla has settled. When the crazy race from one event to another has ended for the day. And the stress of being pulled to and fro for this or that is gone. That is when I have made the coolest friends, had the most laughs and (yes) gotten in the most trouble. (But falling in a hot tub was NOT my fault as much as it was fun and funny!) Leaving BlogHer I have left with new friends each year from these hanging out after the chaos and talking. Because really, the other stuff…the high school stuff that you (in the generic “you” way) are worried about, that fades away. I promise.

Which is why I said to seek me out. You don’t get dorkier or less cool than you do with me. And I promise to make you laugh. Hell, I made this woman pee herself laughing. And this woman got to catch me in a hot tub. And I am pretty sure I proposed to this lady. I know I was groped by this gal. And for sure this woman can verify that I did not give her the cold shoulder and won’t give you one either.

What do they all have in common? I didn’t know them before BlogHer. It was the fun time after the storm when we all starting hanging out and talking. That is where BlogHer wins my heart over every year. Meeting amazing people that I may not have had a chance to get to know otherwise. So, go to BlogHer. Sit and laugh with me so that *I* am not the dork sitting alone. Deal?

So tell me…are you going to BlogHer ‘07?


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