Knock Knock…who’s there..not me, but check my other sites!

Knock Knock…who’s there..not me, but check my other sites!

I know you probably want something new here. I want something new here. But today has been a day of hellishness on a craptacular level. However, I would never leave you high and dry and without my excellent words of wisdom. (HA!)

I have a new entry up at Mommybloggers.

I also have a post up at BlogHer. That one is important to read. It deals with important legislation regarding Post Partum Depression (PPD). Go read. And act.

So, see, you can still keep up with me.

Oh, and Aggroqueen, she is reborn. Not just about World of Warcraft, but about other games and gaming. And my new baby. You’ll want to drool at my new baby.

Tomorrow a real entry about seriousness stuff. (No, not serious stuff. That would be too literal. Seriousness stuff sounds so much better even if it is illiterate.)

I hope none of you had a case of the Mondays like I did. At least it only comes once a week.

And to make all of us happy, I give you this: My favorite Strongbad email ever. Wonder why. Besides the fact that it is called “Caffeine” and pretty much portrays me after my 6th cup of coffee.


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