Surgery day

[See below for updates!]

Today is surgery day for Heather.  Brain surgery.  We are receiving updates all day long.  In case you do not know what I am talking about, I will post the entire story that I posted on BlogHer to explain.  The bottom line is that a fellow mom, woman, friend is in a tough place and undergoing a very tricky surgery.  She could use all of your prayers, support, good thoughts.  Whatever it is you do when you need a bit of help from the world, please do it now.  For Heather.  She needs our support right now is whatever way you can give it.  Please show her your love.  Either here or on her site, but share the love.  Any comments you leave here on Mommy Needs Coffee will be forwarded to her.  I will make a card and sign your messages to her from each of you.  Please, just keep this mom of 3 who needs as much goodness brought her way right now in your thoughts and prayers.  I don’t ask for much.  But this Mom needs us.  Let’s rally around her and do the right thing.  Thank you so much!

[UPDATE] Heather came out of surgery about 30 minutes ago. The tumor was the length of a dollar bill and pretty deep. There were no problems with bleeding, and she

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