Yahoo Answers: I ask. You Answer. Easy, right?

Yahoo Answers: I ask. You Answer. Easy, right?


Guess what!  It looks like I am an official Answers Expert in Yahoo! Answers.  After joining and looking around, it really is a great online community and resource for moms. (And pretty much everyone else, too, but I am one of the mommyblogger experts so that is where I am spreading my mom-ness.) But of course, this isn’t just about Yahoo! Answers.  It is about me!  This weekend they are featuring my question as a guest expert.  The catch:  it would be really awesome if people came and participated by actually answering the question.  Come on!  Mama needs her readers to give her some help by going there and participating.  You don’t want to make me look like a total loser.  (Okay, you lurking in the back might want that, but that is just mean.  Mean I tell you!)

So go on over to Yahoo! Answers, answer my question (and a few others for fun!) and let me know you played.

I’ll tell you how pretty you are!  And will offer you…well, I will tell you how pretty you are.

Now remember, you are dealing with a “mommyblogger expert” here.  Don’t make me ground you. 

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