I’m staying drunk!

I’m staying drunk!

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” ~Ray Bradbury

Sometimes it is easy in the hubbub of the world of blogging–the politics, games and deadlines–to forget that my life, breath and very soul belong to my book right now. I truly believe that had I focused on my writing life rather than reality and the non-reality of blogging, I could have helped myself through the [quote] Post Traumatic Stress [end quote] that my therapist is getting me through. (I love using the official therapistical talk –totally a word, by the way– rather than saying, “That one time when I went all batshit crazy…”)

So I have cleared out the clutter and am full force, balls to the wall writing where my passion is. Yes, blogging, too. In short, my life and my writing are taking on a new direction. (AND and and –happy kid moment– there is a new community project underway that I am involved in which is going to be more up my alley than ever before. Go me!)

I do hope you are ready for the ride. For some, it may be new (if you are new here). For others, I do hope you are ready for the old smart ass, babble-assing Jenn of yesteryears. I mean after all, that why I love writing in the first place. To entertain and have fun. And babble-ass.

And as an aside to Buzz–who has a new blog look and is looking good, so go say hi– I am so going to plummet off of this cliff and not just plummet off of the step–because even if I could… I couldn’t. (I know that may not make sense to anyone but Buzz, but it is all in the love of words that Buzz and I met over. See? This is why Buzz and Pat became two of my favorite people online!)

That is all. Back to your coffee. Even if it is not coffee you are drinking. Do no break my heart. Just pretend to go back to your coffee.


One thought on “I’m staying drunk!

  1. I do hope you are ready for the old smart ass, babble-assing Jenn of yesteryears.

    Absolutely! Where’s she been?

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