Light Iris and WWNMJALI*?

Light Iris and WWNMJALI*?

(* What Would New Mom Jenn Ask Light Iris?)

Have you heard of the Light Iris Search Engine? Of course you have! Not so much? Okay well, you should know about it especially if you are a new mom. Or a mom. Or you know a new mom. Or a mom. See? You should know about Light Iris.

The Light Iris Search Engine is built on the backbone of Google and provides only the best of Google for new moms. New site features that help new moms are forthcoming and will be added continually.

Light Iris comes from a unique source—a man. But this does not come as a surprise to anyone knowing Kevin, since he has been working with mothers for years now. He is also the founder of Lucid Marketing, a marketing and media service company specializing in connecting brands with mothers. Kevin, the Lucid Marketing team and four hundred U.S. mothers helped to shape Light Iris.

When I agreed to check out Light Iris, I thought to myself “Self, what would you Google if you were a new mom?” Thankfully I answered myself.

First I checkout out sleep deprivation. Oh please! Like every new mom doesn’t want to know the truth about that. If I Googled it, I would end up with 1,310,000 results. Hello? If I wanted to know about sleep deprivation and had to go through 1,310,000 results, there would be hell to pay for someone. So I moved over to “my baby cries A LOT” on Light Iris and found some great sites and got some good results that actually offered advice that was practical and from other moms as well. (What? My kids were really hard as babies!) Finally, I tested the one true test of this search engine.

Nipple Pain.

Want to guess how many RELEVANT searches came back on Google? I shudder to think what most of the 1,500,000 results involved. On Light Iris, they were–wait for it– about breatfeeding! Moms! Non-pornographic! Imagine that!

I will admit, with seemingly so many organizations and corporations trying to cash in on the Mommybloggers, I rolled my eyes at yet another one. However, I think this site can really be beneficial to new Moms. If I had to go through Google for so many of the searches that a new mom may have, I weep for these women. But with the Light Iris Search Engine there really are great advantages for moms.

So, check it out. Unless of course you really are looking for something else when you Google “sore nipples.” But really, I don’t so much want to know about it.


The Light Iris Search Engine has teamed up with the Parent Bloggers Network to give one lucky blogger a free two day pass to BlogHer ‘07! All of the information can be found right here, but basically all you have to do is write a post on the topic of ’Where Does My Time Go?‘ on June 8th. Email a link to the Parent Bloggers Network at and you’re entered to win! Simple. Effective. Easy. Kind of like the Light Iris Search Engine.


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