That is so NOT funny!

That is so NOT funny!

The past few days have been so full of errands and running around like an insane woman. (HEY! I heard that!) I suppose you could say I have become a bit silly when dealing with people. However, there are times when my funny is so not funny to others. Not that I am saying it is knee slappingly funny to me, but is a brief–even if forced– smile too much to ask from some people. Why, yes! Yes it is!

Just the other day I was at the post office mailing a “special” gift to a newly engaged friend of mine. The woman behind the counter could barely utter a civil hello. Wrong clerk to get me.

Does this package contain anything dangerous?

Dangerous to whom? ha ha ha

Ma’am, we at the post office don’t find things funny.

Really? So that whole “going postal” thing is real?

She was not amused.


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