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Month: July 2007

Home and without a thought in my head

Home and without a thought in my head

Yes, I did go to BlogHer.

No, I am not talking about it right now.

Yes, I have a BlogHer hangover. (As in from the intensity not the alcohol).

No, I did not take tons of pictures.

Yes, I will hit you if you offer me anything on a stick, cracker or tortilla chip.

No, I did not do it.

Yes, I will stop answering questions you did not ask.

No, I have not completely lost my mind.

Yes, I will post something real about the experience when I can. (The good, the bad and the ugly!)

No, I did not speak to Lisa Ling when I saw her.

Yes, I really did room with BusyMom!

I can say if you decide to shove everything into a suitcase without thinking that you will come home with more than you brought such as I did…


You will be forced to go get a new suitcase to fit your stuff and stuff you obtained.

The new suitcase

The post where I sing the praises of another writer

The post where I sing the praises of another writer

Do you ever (if you are a blogger) read something, enjoy it and then move along the Internet mindlessly surfing or working or doing whatever it is you do (I am not here to judge you!) and then…THEN you realize how rude you were to not say howdy, give a little link love and send people towards the writers you enjoy?

*hanging my head in shame*

I have. I do. I am a bad reciprolinker! (And yes, it is a word if I make it a word!)

I have been reading Kris over at Help Yourself for ages and never once told you about her? Bad blogger! (Someone slap my blogging hand.) Kris writes great features on her blog for the Orlando Sentinel and here I go enjoying them and never sharing her with you. And in ORLANDO! The home of my brother and his wife, my cousin and her child, and even my aunt. But do I support the town writer? No.

But today is HELP YOURSELF And Go Give Kris Some Love Day! I am serious here. Go flood that gracious woman with adoration and kudos and “Hey, Jenn doesn’t really suck!” messages.

Seriously, I do adore her. We have talked for ages and I have been a bad friend by not reciprolinkifying her blog. Ever since I took my links down (and when I say “I took” of course I mean EE hijacked) I am lost. I forget my daily reads. I wander aimlessly about the Internet moaning and wailing about my loss. Bless Kris for calling me back home to one of my favs.

Now go. Show her my love (and yours) before I get voted off the blogosphere and fall out of the good graces I have with a fellow writer.

This beach picture is just for her. Since she wanted one! AND since she will be away on vacation. I, however, will still be here cleaning. And working. And generally NOT being on vacation.

Vacation for Kris

Webcrash 2007–The night the entire Internet crashed worldwide

Webcrash 2007–The night the entire Internet crashed worldwide

The whole Internet crashing? At the same time? Worldwide? Oh, the horrors! We must immediately elect a Secretary Of Internet Safety and Security (and Backup!)

And be sure to read the ticker across the bottom. Some very informative information can be found in the tickers.

Best line (besides “I feel like ctl-alt-del myself!”) would have to be with press secretary Tony Snow admitting to no Internet back mode. “…we deeply regret that a back up of the Internet does not exist at this time.” but “…we had always meant to get around to making one…”

Oh sure, they laugh about it now, but who is going to be laughing when Al Gore is too busy with Global Warming to fix the blasted thing if it does ever crash?!

hattip to Geeks are Sexy

Live from the Land of Clutterhell

Live from the Land of Clutterhell


Please, please don’t make me go back to cleaning. You see, I had this brilliant idea of organizing and doing a clean sweep in the house. In. The. House. Not a room. Not two rooms. No, I took on the whole house.

Every article of clothing that is not on someone’s back, in the washer or dryer or hanging up already a verified fit, it is in the middle of our playroom floor to be sorted. Give away. Throw away.  Keep. Thankfully, the “Keep” pile is small. But ALL clothing from ALL five people in the house?

And the toys? They are next. Oh for the love of all things burying me alive, who gave me this bad idea? Why? I mean, I can handle living in chaos. (No, I really can’t.) But I have been able to do it while walking in a fog induced, crazy assed mind of the past year. Do you KNOW how much clutter can accumulate in a year of fog induced craziness? Let me tell you! A LOT! As in weeping on piles of stuff, gnashing my teeth, wailing in agony and begging the almighty goddesses of clean to just zap it all away!

It is either organize or abandon the house as is and live in the van down by the river. However, seeing as I weep openly if I have to hang in a vehicle for more than a couple of days on a road trip, that doesn’t sound good either.

Where are those awesome people on those shows who do these things for me?

Okay, back to the insanity. If you don’t hear from me for a while it means the piles of stuff ate me alive and I am becoming a Zombie from the Land Clutterhell.

Wii gets fit

Wii gets fit

Ahhh, summertime. That time when you should allow your kids to rest, yet enrich their minds. OR if you live with me, a time to stay up late, eat junk food and play games when we are not out in the sun and fun. (Seeing as there has been very little sun, we are doing a lot more inside “fun” here.) And what is the power game of choice? Wii! (And, no, I do not work for them, am not being paid by them and am gaining nothing by telling you how much I enjoy the Wii we have. Just in case someone decides they want to get all up in my grill about it. I’m just saying, I like it. Mikey likey!)

Here is the Queen of Our Wii holding court.

Wii Queen holds court

I have to admit, there are times I kick the kids off to play myself. I have fun with the Wii Sports and the Wii Play. In fact, here are some pictures of the whole family playing at the beach when it was either raining or everyone was too sunburned to go back out into the blazing Florida sun. Do you Wii? What is your favorite game?

I am just going to link to the WiiFit in action. I TRIED to embed it, but it keeps screwing up my template. Hello? WordPress? Not making me happy. Anyway, here is the link: Wii Fit at E3.

I think I am in love with a new game coming out soon. I learned about it from E3 and found this video of it from the conference at Gametrailers. I am so going to get my hands on this one: Wii Fit. Check out that yoga, baby. Now that will be worth all of the YouTube payback videos that my sons post of me. Because trust me when I say both of my boys will love getting even that way. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think. I think it is going to be a lot of Fit Fun!

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I’m too tired for an affair in my refrigerator

I’m too tired for an affair in my refrigerator

I am not a great sleeper. No. I must amend that. I am not a great nighttime sleeper. I am either working and get so into it that I don’t realize it is 3:47am and I need to be in bed. Or I start playing WoW because my children (aka: little gamer pushers) begged me to do one last quest with them. As I see the sun rise, I ground them all for making me stay up all night. Because, you know, it is all their fault. I am just the tired parent.

Then there are those nights that I try to go to bed like a person not imitating a vampire and read or do something soothing. I was almost there on Monday night. Sleepy. Listening to my soothing, calm sounds on my Zune. I am just about to start making out with Mr. Sandman. Then, without warning Ozzy Osbourne sceams, “ALL ABOARD!” (The beginning of the song Crazy Train for those of you not in the know.) After soiling myself, throwing the demon possessed Zune across the room, hitting the floor to crawl under my bed, and then checking to make sure my heart was in fact still embedded in my chest, I brushed myself off and stared angrily at my bed. Forget sleepy and soothing. Even Mr. Sandman ditched my make-out attempts. I was officially awake.

I wandered into my family room where (of course) my teen was still awake. I mumbled something along the lines of, “What are you still doing awake?” but I think it came out more like, “Crazy Train. Tired. No making out with Mr. Sandman.  Tired, so tired.” I attempted to read for a while then went back to bed.

The next day the teen asked me if everything was okay.

“Of course. Why?”

“You seem tired. Really tired. A lot lately.”

“A little. I wouldn’t say a lot. Why do you say there is a lot of tired? That makes it sound bad or extreme. I am fine. Why are you so all up in my grill? I need more coffee. Why are you accusing me of being so tired?”

“I found your cell phone in the refrigerator this morning.”

“What? That? The milk was expecting a call.”

Perhaps I need to look into some better bedtime and sleep routines. I cannot afford for the milk to keep up this cell phone affair.