‘Defences of my memo.’

‘Defences of my memo.’

Lindsay over at Suburban Turmoil had a post a while back that showed what her name is in an anagram here. It turns out that MY name in anagram form is “threat finest injure bed wetter‘? The hell? I am SO not a bed wetter! I can be a threat. I can be the finest. And yes, I can injure you. But I take exception to the whole bed wetter thing. Rude!

However, if you anagram Mommy Needs Coffee you get: Defences of my memo. Now, I can like them again.

I did some of my friends names and laughed at how some were too accurate. NOT mine, though. Remember that.

Did I mention that I have a lot to do and therefore am playing on Facebook and blogging and getting to know Second Life. (Read about that new fun on Aggroqueen.)

A friend and local blogger, Niihaus, is back to blogging. I heart her so much that I stalked her for a while. I don’t think that is why she went offline, but I told her I would back off a bit on the stalking is she would meet me for lunch. I will be sitting outside her blog waiting.

Oh, and the whole iPhone thing? So not into it. If my phone rings when someone calls me and I can answer it (after finding it), then I am good. No need to iPhone me up. UNLESS of course Apple wants to send me a free iPhone to demo. Then I am all about it! Go iPhone.

And to keep my blog pretty, I offer you another vacation photo of where I want to be now. Though the weather is currently looking about the same here as it was there, the view is not anything as awesome. I miss the beach.

I would rather view a storm at the beach than at home.

2 thoughts on “‘Defences of my memo.’

  1. Hey Jenn, have you seen my magazine article layout on my blog? I even got 100 bucks for the photo shoot so I guess I’m a paid model. Not very well paid…I might add.

  2. Hi…
    I just found your blog, and given your blog name, I think you must a woman after my own heart. As I reach for my 4th cup of the day, I thought I’d mention a shirt that we sell at http://www.PlanetMomTshirts.com. It’s embroidered with the line:

    Tall, Dark, Rich
    cup of coffee”

    Thought you might get a chuckle out of it…


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