Home and without a thought in my head

Home and without a thought in my head

Yes, I did go to BlogHer.

No, I am not talking about it right now.

Yes, I have a BlogHer hangover. (As in from the intensity not the alcohol).

No, I did not take tons of pictures.

Yes, I will hit you if you offer me anything on a stick, cracker or tortilla chip.

No, I did not do it.

Yes, I will stop answering questions you did not ask.

No, I have not completely lost my mind.

Yes, I will post something real about the experience when I can. (The good, the bad and the ugly!)

No, I did not speak to Lisa Ling when I saw her.

Yes, I really did room with BusyMom!

I can say if you decide to shove everything into a suitcase without thinking that you will come home with more than you brought such as I did…


You will be forced to go get a new suitcase to fit your stuff and stuff you obtained.

The new suitcase

8 thoughts on “Home and without a thought in my head

  1. WOW – sounds & look fun! I keep reading everyone’s re-cap’s of BlogHer and I’m ultra jealous. Dude I am SOOO going next year!

    I enjoyed looking around & I’ll be back!

  2. Its like we need another trip just to make up for all the missed hanging out time of THIS trip.

    I’m so glad you came.

  3. You didn’t speak to Lisa Ling…but I did. (I’m such a dumbass.)
    HEY! I’m with YOU!
    You are spectacular and it was so good to meet you and hang out with you.

  4. Sorry, I think I must have packed your thoughts. I will return them as soon as I can. Hope you’re OK without them.

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