Live from the Land of Clutterhell

Live from the Land of Clutterhell


Please, please don’t make me go back to cleaning. You see, I had this brilliant idea of organizing and doing a clean sweep in the house. In. The. House. Not a room. Not two rooms. No, I took on the whole house.

Every article of clothing that is not on someone’s back, in the washer or dryer or hanging up already a verified fit, it is in the middle of our playroom floor to be sorted. Give away. Throw away.  Keep. Thankfully, the “Keep” pile is small. But ALL clothing from ALL five people in the house?

And the toys? They are next. Oh for the love of all things burying me alive, who gave me this bad idea? Why? I mean, I can handle living in chaos. (No, I really can’t.) But I have been able to do it while walking in a fog induced, crazy assed mind of the past year. Do you KNOW how much clutter can accumulate in a year of fog induced craziness? Let me tell you! A LOT! As in weeping on piles of stuff, gnashing my teeth, wailing in agony and begging the almighty goddesses of clean to just zap it all away!

It is either organize or abandon the house as is and live in the van down by the river. However, seeing as I weep openly if I have to hang in a vehicle for more than a couple of days on a road trip, that doesn’t sound good either.

Where are those awesome people on those shows who do these things for me?

Okay, back to the insanity. If you don’t hear from me for a while it means the piles of stuff ate me alive and I am becoming a Zombie from the Land Clutterhell.

16 thoughts on “Live from the Land of Clutterhell

  1. one room at a time, one room at a time. Except for the kitchen of course, which needs cleaning and straightening about four times a day. Yours doesn’t? Will you come clean mine?

  2. Squirrel actually do abandon their homes when the nest becomes to dirty for them to tolerate. I know the clutter has gotten so crazy in my house that it seems like it would be easier to cut and run. Even moving doesn’t seem like such a bad idea – especially if you could control completely what comes into the new house and just where it goes ;).

  3. i’m in that hell right now, too. getting rid of junk & clutter in prep for the baby. i feel your pain! but, we have gotten rid of many bags of clothes. most are going to goodwill or salvation army.

    break it down into smaller chunks so you don’t overwhelm yourself. and make those kids do a bunch of the work!!

  4. I just went through “the purge” soooo much work, but it feels so good when you are done! I will never shop again, or at least until the next sale…:)

  5. I loooove getting rid of stuff! Post photos of the “not keeping” piles!!!

  6. Wow, when you’re done there.. Can you come here? lol.. Seriously.. I know the feeling, I started trying to do one room a day, by the time I get to the weekend I should be done right? WRONG.. I’ll be meeting you in clutterhell.. leave the door unlocked I’m right behind you :o)

  7. I’ve been procrastinating on this very task because I fear getting freaked out and stopping in the middle of it. My kids might find me in the middle of a stack of sheets wailing for my mom. I think I’ll take advice from your commenters and do it one room at a time.

  8. oh, can I ever relate. I am trying to clean up Ten Year Old Boy’s room before he goes back to school…we’re talking I still have toddler size 3T leather coats from Gymboree hanging in his closet which I’ve been meaning to sell on eBay for…seven years. OH MY GOD SEVEN YEARS!!! Kill me now. And don’t get me started on his three chests of drawers, either.

  9. gads, it must be something in the air.. i’m doing the same thing. Now i cant find anyone to friggin pick up my donations

  10. Good luck! My mother’s visiting this weekend, so I need to clean, but I’ve put it off to the last minute. This cannot end well.

  11. I have a fantasy that those people from “Clean Sweep” will come and just clear out my house one day while I’m at work. If I do it, my clutterbug husband will probably divorce me, so I choose to overlook the squalor and pretend I live at Pottery Barn.

    Good luck!

  12. I’m afraid to do something like that. Of course, as much clutter as I currently have, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. Wait, everything would be like items, so that MIGHT just give it away. 🙁

  13. This site cracks me up…. Sounds like my wife and her battle of insanity with trying to maintain order. Just last night my #^%$ er lovely daughter set her foot on moms CPU as a foot rest and banged it so hard she is now at the Geek Squad and I shall probably by the end of the night be shopping for my 5th PC in the last two years, and no, the rest still work, but every one has to have one and I have two…

  14. I think I live in a suburb just outside of clutterhell! I’m just beginning the process of a major purge. Best of luck to you!!

  15. “live in the van down by the river”
    Bwah, ha, ha. Love it!
    Why the whole house all at once?
    One room at a time…one room at a time.

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