Sticking things up your nose while enjoying the view (but not The View)


Here is a nice soothing picture to calm you while you work your busy Tuesday self to the bone. I have another entry brewing, but for now, you get images while I work on my freelance work that has a deadline of today. Must not miss deadlines. Can in fact miss the beach, though.

Meanwhile, there is a great story about sticking things into my nose over at Buzz Reviews. But remember, never stick anything up your nose unless you have been asked by Parent Bloggers Network.






  1. lovely pic, lady. looking forward to seeing you at blogher. alas, no hot tub antics for me this year, but i’ll let you rub my preggo belly. 😀

  2. So peaceful! Now back to work!

  3. Can you pass me the suntan lotion please?

  4. Jenn

    You did it!! I am so excited and hungry for more. I have to call every family member just to show off. You are my inspiration to be more…You GO GIRL!!

  5. Unless it’s some booger sugar, I ain’t sticking it up my nose while I’m enjoying a view like that.

  6. That’s such a soothing picture. I wish I was there right now.

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