The post where I sing the praises of another writer

The post where I sing the praises of another writer

Do you ever (if you are a blogger) read something, enjoy it and then move along the Internet mindlessly surfing or working or doing whatever it is you do (I am not here to judge you!) and then…THEN you realize how rude you were to not say howdy, give a little link love and send people towards the writers you enjoy?

*hanging my head in shame*

I have. I do. I am a bad reciprolinker! (And yes, it is a word if I make it a word!)

I have been reading Kris over at Help Yourself for ages and never once told you about her? Bad blogger! (Someone slap my blogging hand.) Kris writes great features on her blog for the Orlando Sentinel and here I go enjoying them and never sharing her with you. And in ORLANDO! The home of my brother and his wife, my cousin and her child, and even my aunt. But do I support the town writer? No.

But today is HELP YOURSELF And Go Give Kris Some Love Day! I am serious here. Go flood that gracious woman with adoration and kudos and “Hey, Jenn doesn’t really suck!” messages.

Seriously, I do adore her. We have talked for ages and I have been a bad friend by not reciprolinkifying her blog. Ever since I took my links down (and when I say “I took” of course I mean EE hijacked) I am lost. I forget my daily reads. I wander aimlessly about the Internet moaning and wailing about my loss. Bless Kris for calling me back home to one of my favs.

Now go. Show her my love (and yours) before I get voted off the blogosphere and fall out of the good graces I have with a fellow writer.

This beach picture is just for her. Since she wanted one! AND since she will be away on vacation. I, however, will still be here cleaning. And working. And generally NOT being on vacation.

Vacation for Kris

7 thoughts on “The post where I sing the praises of another writer

  1. Hi Jenn – great to meet you at BlogHer, and so nice of you to stop by my blog. We’ll have to come up with something fun to do again. Hope you’re home safe & sound.


  2. She likes my favorite author too, so I’m adding her to my daily reading list.

    BTW, can I borrow that vacation pic? I’m going to be on vaca next week – it’d be cool to put up on my blog. 🙂

  3. I don’t have a blog yet, so I can enjoy and not feel guilty. :blush: However, I do tell friends when I come across a really good site. Thank God for IM!!

  4. You just made my day. Jen, I didn’t realize that one of the few Jens I have been talking to was you. I don’t think you ever put your last name 🙂

    Thank you so much. I am going to have a Bahamas beer for you! I LOVE your blog and read it all the time. Make sure to put your things about me back in it. That made me cry the first time I read it.


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