Webcrash 2007–The night the entire Internet crashed worldwide

The whole Internet crashing? At the same time? Worldwide? Oh, the horrors! We must immediately elect a Secretary Of Internet Safety and Security (and Backup!)

And be sure to read the ticker across the bottom. Some very informative information can be found in the tickers.

Best line (besides “I feel like ctl-alt-del myself!”) would have to be with press secretary Tony Snow admitting to no Internet back mode. “…we deeply regret that a back up of the Internet does not exist at this time.” but “…we had always meant to get around to making one…”

Oh sure, they laugh about it now, but who is going to be laughing when Al Gore is too busy with Global Warming to fix the blasted thing if it does ever crash?!

hattip to Geeks are Sexy


  1. ROFL!
    “JC Penney announces Gay Sex Only batrhrooms in all their stores”? Hilarious!

  2. Ha! Your blog is too funny. 😀
    From current events to clutter to the Wii. I can relate to all of it. Thanks for the laugh.


  3. That was too funny! I’ll have to send that to some friends. However, I generally have at LEAST that much open at one time, but not generally those same things. Doesn’t everyone have multiple windows running at a time?!

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