Hey! I know that writer!

Hey! I know that writer!


If you have read any of my past posts, you know I love my Wii. I take it on vacation. We play it in the car. We force encourage our friends to play whenever they come over. It has been a great way to bring the family together. And not just together mindlessly staring at the TV. We are actually actively playing together.

So, when I was requested to write an article on bringing back family night, I jumped at it. I strongly believe in a family night. Where we are all in the same room. Doing the same thing. Imagine that.

Therefore, I ask that you, my loyal readers and friends show the kind people at EA that they made a good choice is selecting me to write their article on their new Wii game, Boogie and bringing back family night. Go check it out! For me. And sign up for the newsletters at Family Education, too. There are some great articles. (And I am not just talking about mine! ha!)

Pictures with the Boogie to come soon!

[UPDATE: The article is on sk*rt! Go show me some sk*rt love. You know I never self promote. Rarely self promote. Try not to self promote. Oh, what the hell. Just show me da love, baby!]

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