I heart Nintendo

I heart Nintendo

I love Nintendo. I love the people I have met who work with and/or for Nintendo.

I am thinking of getting a tattoo on my lower back that can peek out of my low rise jeans that says, “I heart Nintendo” for all the world to see. Except that I don’t wear low rise jeans. And tattoos hurt. But I totally would endure the pain for them. Because? I heart Nintendo and my friends associated with them who love me enough to help me help them let me love Nintendo.

Maybe I can write it in Sanskrit (you know, to be different) that says “I heart Nintendo.”  Anyone know Sanskrit?

Is there a Chinese symbol like peace, and hope and love for “Nintendo” that is in existence? Because? That is the most beautifully written language ever. I could totally get that! (Anyone know Chinese tattoo art?)

I know you are asking what brought that on.  We’ll talk.

7 thoughts on “I heart Nintendo

  1. I’m an old school Nintendo lover. You know, the old Nintendo 64 with Super Mario Bros.

    There is a bartender here in Chicago that has one of those old Nintendo 64 game controllers as a belt buckle. I tell him I love him every time I see him.

  2. From one Nintendo fan to another… Well said! (Looking forward to hearing what brought that on, but I have my suspicions…)

  3. Umm, we love Nintendo in our family and usually have Mario Kart/Super Smash tornaments. 🙂 However, no tattoos for me.

  4. Definitely. I don’t know what brought it on for you, but for me, the mother of a 12 year old, Nintendo is the only thing that makes long rides in the car bearable.

  5. My guess is that you needed an hour of quiet and you rented a game that all the kids could play together on the Wii/GameCube. AND, I bet you love Nintendo because it actually worked!

    I like the tattoo idea though….right now mine would be ‘I heart SCHOOL’. How many days until they go back?

  6. Ok, I’ll bite What brought that on? As far as tattoos. Woman, do you know that they involve NEEDLES? And they HURT (well, yes, you referenced that part). Needles. Gack. See if you can get a henna tattoo. Or one of those fake once you can buy at Claire’s.

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